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Hardhat {Auckland/London}

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Founded back in 2000, Hardhat Design is NZ and Brit design couple Nik + Jen who run an absolute nugget of a studio and service clients from bases in both London and Auckland. Their work has included brand/identity development, illustration, web & e-commerce development, and design for  packaging, print, publication & web. Meeting in London in the late 90’s, and after several years each at various design and advertising agencies working on jobs for large corporate […]

Milk {Auckland}

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Milk have been buzzing away under the surface for years however recent projects for the likes of 1Above and Health Basics have firmly cemented their position on the Auckland packaging design circuit. Wander through most airports now and you will see a 1Above above stand. The drink brand is a world first, aiming to help you fly and travel better. Milk worked across all facets of the launch including naming. With this little beauty under […]

Apples for the Kiwis


They may be small and tucked away down there in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere but New Zealand does in fact have a thriving creative community and an exciting design scene, as regularly demonstrated through the recent LWC Friday posts. Unfortunately, it’s not large enough to warrant an all singing, all dancing Apple store – not quite the same foot traffic as Regent Street. Enter Yoobee, the Kiwi’s gateway to the wonderous world of Apple. Yoobee is […]

Special Group {Auckland}

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We couldn’t have put it better than in the words of a Special Group we’d like to introduce you to who, “don’t do anything by halves… We aim to make as big an impact on the market on behalf of our clients as is humanly possible. We create content that gets lots of attention and works exponentially harder than the media spend alone. No-one has money to waste, so we make everything count. By weaving intuitive and […]

Shine {Auckland}

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This week’s LWC Friday contender loves a challenge. They get their biggest kicks out of working with people who want to find ways to change the rules not find a slightly better way to follow them. And change the rules they have. With a focus on challenger brands, Shine have raised the bar for the small brands of New Zealand when it comes to design. They believe that a big budget isn’t the advantage it once was, […]

Supply {Auckland}

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A nice man from Supply recently took the time to email me personally and give me high fives for my blog, so in the vein of one good turn deserves another, here’s a high five right back at ya. Supply really do not need my words of praise, however, their work speaks for itself as you can see. While they can turn their clever hands to many a discipline, personally I have always admired their […]

Studio Magazine #2


Get it while it’s hot. Studio Magazine is the international magazine about making places; profiling studios from a range of fields, Studio Magazine features creative spaces from New York to Paris to Auckland. The magazine was born out of the love of print, by a threesome of graphic designers-come-editors Clem Devine and Zoe Ikin (Alt Group) and Sam Trustrum (Studio Alexander). Issue Two is available to buy now – limited to a run of a mere 250 – indulging in gold foil (fancy), […]

Studio Alexander {Auckland}

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Studio Alexander are the business, the design business that is. Pretty well thought of on this side of the globe, the Auckland based agency have a proven track record for successfully driving business forward through creativity – bridging that gap beautifully. Not only are they doing a sterling job educating business around the value of design but they are managing to stock their awards cabinet at the same time. And as if this wasn’t time […]