Apples for the Kiwis


They may be small and tucked away down there in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere but New Zealand does in fact have a thriving creative community and an exciting design scene, as regularly demonstrated through the recent LWC Friday posts. Unfortunately, it’s not large enough to warrant an all singing, all dancing Apple store – not quite the same foot traffic as Regent Street. Enter Yoobee, the Kiwi’s gateway to the wonderous world of Apple.

Yoobee is the primary authorised Apple dealer is New Zealand, a creative hub that brings together tools, training, knowledge and inspiration in one accessible place. The design identity, created by BRR, was inspired by the brand essence and communication line ‘Who Will YOOBEE?’

The logo uses the ‘U’ form to create all of its characters, speaking directly to the aspiring creatives. The identity system employs icons and colour to differentiate and identify eight individual creative tribes. It is enhanced with a tone of voice that communicates directly to these creative tribes simply and confidently. Talking to the individual rather than the masses, championing the creative process and outcome, as opposed to focusing on software specs and functions. / @BRR_NZ