Milk {Auckland}

Awesome agencies

Milk have been buzzing away under the surface for years however recent projects for the likes of 1Above and Health Basics have firmly cemented their position on the Auckland packaging design circuit.

Wander through most airports now and you will see a 1Above above stand. The drink brand is a world first, aiming to help you fly and travel better. Milk worked across all facets of the launch including naming.

With this little beauty under their belt they then turned their attentions to the bathrooms of New Zealand with an innovative rebrand for Health Basics. With removable labels, beautifully simple pack structure and a nifty take on the old soap on a robe, the structural design really brings this brand to life. Add to this Milk’s interesting steer on the New Zealand origins positioning and you have a product that is ready and waiting to leap off the shelves.

Milk don’t just do packaging design though. Check out a few recent projects here and browse their others on their site.