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designers disco

We ♥ design. Obviously. And whilst we also admire the work of the Attiks, Design Bridges and Landors of this world it isn’t really where our ♥s lie. So what floats your boat DJ? I can hear you hola. Well my handsome friend, I’m mighty pleased you asked. What puts the sun in our sky are the many, many boutique agencies and Lone Rangers all over the world that just do what they do, day after day. Producing just super sweet design work. You know, for the ♥ of it…


submit your work

So, this brings us round to our approaching long-winded point. If you’re a creative producing work which is out of this world or a boutique-y agency… our definition of which is somewhat sketchy so judge for yourselves… or indeed an epic illustrator, photographer or bearer of news send us your links! We’re dying to hear from you. Make haste, young jedi, and get on your electronic mail devices straight away and without hesitation. Send us your work/links along with a very nice (and polite) introductory paragraph (or two) to goodfolks{at} or tweet us @designersjrnl and if your work is a feast for our eyes then we’d be pleased as punch to feature you.


got some news, an event, an exhibition or a cause you’d like to promote?

…then get in touch, and we’ll help promote and spread the word if it’s relevent and of interest to us and our readership, we’re open to helping out and getting on board so throw a link or a proposal at us.


want to join the Journal team?

As well as the above, our hastily scribbled-on-the-back-of-a-beermatt manefesto outlines the idea of creating a community of quality contributors. Are you a student/graduate/newbie/middleweight/weather-worn industry insider or outsider? We want to hear from you. We’re looking for said quality contributors who want to fill their boots in any capacity; guest, regular or irregular basis. Sound interesting? Read more here.