Mowgli reimagined


How do you take Rudyard Kipling’s classic, together with one of Disney’s most iconic animations and retell the story to a new, young generation? Bravely London-based illustrator Robert Hunter took on this mammoth challenge and delivered a stunning, stand alone story that takes a new generation on this journey of discovery.

Robert’s work is grounded in traditional drawing with a process of continue refinement and reworking till the final creation is one of true craft and perfectly captured detail.

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Beautiful Meme provoke debate for D&AD festival


Sifting through the endless design blogs (oh yes, the irony is not lost here), copy can often get overlooked by the clean visual form or general aesthetics.

With this years D&AD festival theme, Beautiful Meme have managed to put the content front and center highlight the fact that we, as designers, think in terms of words as much as think in terms of visuals.

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ManvsMachine explores infinite possibilities


Going beyond just some campaign visuals for the latest product range, ManvsMachine have delved deep to developed a progressive brand collaboration which is pushing the performance and innovation of the brand itself.

I don’t often use these words, but truly stunning exploration work by the outstanding team at ManvsMachine. The devil is in the detail and you can see this throughout the project. One of the heroes of this work is the customisation of the Objektiv Thin, a Dalton Maag typeface, to reflect the human and organic sensibility of the Flyknit ethos.

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A&E… Simple!

Awesome agencies / News

How do you encourage people to go to the Pharmacy before heading to A&E? Take out A&E… Simple!

Manchester City Council’s in-house design department is anything but. With a mantra of ‘we’re in-house but not out of touch’  M-Four existing as an exciting future thinking agency that area delivering some truly awesome pieces of communication.

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Bag of personality for startup Mucho


Pun-laden tone of voice, vibrant colours and a bunch of playful, dynamic logos is not instantly a great combination, but thankfully in the right hands it packs enough personality without one element over powering the other. Step in the guys from For The People and their experience in knowing when you have just the right combination.

The strong and distinctive tone of voice really raises this startup web and mobile platform from just another online tool to being something you want to engage with. Together with the playful animation Mucho is well on it’s way of sneaking into the heart of consumers.

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The claws are out for Aston Villa


Touching an English Football teams crest is often seen as somewhat of a poisoned chalice, but this hasn’t deterred the talented folk of Someone. Even more risky is the fact that the football club in question (my beloved Aston Villa) are about to be relegated out of the lucrative English Premier League, so winning over the clubs fans had never been as important.

Bravery, valour, and strength have been at the Clubs heart throughout it’s history, yet it their symbol for all this, the lion lacked that fighting spirit so London based Someone set about bringing it back.

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Christopher Doyle & Co play with therapy

Awesome agencies

Therapy used to be thought of some what of a dirty word, talked about in whispers and in secret. Gone are the days and in with a bold typographical dance that aims to reflect the various emotional ‘mind’ states.

The use of humor and happy faces within logos seems to be a bit of a slow trend starting to spread, but that said, the simple use and playfulness of the single letter forms is a strong visual landscape for the brand which finds just the right balance of both professionalism and empathy.

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Bond takes it’s coffee black and white

Awesome agencies / News

When you see something so simple, you think how have I not seen this before and more importantly, why didn’t I come up with it. Helsinki’s finest Bond have a knack of producing stunningly simple executions that are anything but and with Coffee & Co. they’ve done it again.

Based around a monochromatic colour palette, the stark contrast between the colours allows the hand writing typography to dance across the page and balance out the carefully crafted mark.

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