Hardhat {Auckland/London}

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Founded back in 2000, Hardhat Design is NZ and Brit design couple Nik + Jen who run an absolute nugget of a studio and service clients from bases in both London and Auckland. Their work has included brand/identity development, illustration, web & e-commerce development, and design for  packaging, print, publication & web.

Meeting in London in the late 90’s, and after several years each at various design and advertising agencies working on jobs for large corporate brands, they decided to go it alone & set up their own design studio, focussing on the more creative brands with whom they were more aligned.

In 2008, starting to feel a little burnt out from London, they decided to take a ‘sabbatical’ in NZ – which actually ended up as a 4 year move, the creation of Hardhat in Auckland, and the growth of a lovely roster of NZ-based clients.

Nik + Jen now split their time between their London & Auckland studios, working with clients from both countries as well as one or two from far-flung places such as Paris, New York, Accra (Ghana) & Dubai.

Some lovely work, great websites and innovative branding projects, give a nod to Hardhat

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