What is this place?
Designers Journal is authored by a growing community of graphic designers, separated by continents (UK & Oz) but joined by a passion for sh*t hot design from agencies or individuals who often don’t get credit, exposure or wider reputations their beautiful work deserves. It also serves to share the inspiration of these beacons of creativity hailing from all corners of the galaxy with y’all. We don’t know every one of you guys, we wish we did, but if we stumble upon work that floats our boat we share it.

Who are you guys to be tell me what’s good or not?
Well, noone. We’re pretty experienced designers, but we don’t claim to be any of these illuminati. But we do know what we like, same as you do. If you think something is the shizz – hola. Chances are we’ll agree and post it (we’ll credit you for the tip too you lucky thing).

I’m a student, can my work be featured?
Well, my scholared friend, yes. We’ll be looking to set up a special best of the nu-wave student section eventually so send your work or links to hookmeup{at}designersjournal.net. But in the meantime we don’t predjudice by experience, or lack there of, if your work is awesome we’d love to share it.

Hey hombre, I see my work on here, but I haven’t been credited?
We try to credit everything where we can, but sometimes it isn’t always possible or we can’t associate all the tasty work we share with the author. If this is the case, please just jot us a line at goodfolks{at}designersjournal.net with the offending image, url and the correct credit and we’ll rectify where we can before alerting the world via twitter as soon as humanly possible.

Why is it mainly print and branding? Where’s the web design love?
Well, it’s not that we don’t appreciate web design excellence, lordy, we sure as day do. I mean, look at this bad boy – it’s awesome! Problem is it isn’t really what we do and thus, isn’t really what we love. And not just web; there’s nothing sweeter than some well considered packaging, interior, product or anything else that you can tag the word design on to. So, if it floats your boat it’s sure to float ours, so share the love and we’ll post it.

Are there any guidelines for commenting?
Yup, of course… We have a strict philosophy of tone; to be frank, please be nice, please be positive and please above all be respectful. Don’t bad mouth anyone’s work if you have something negative to say (not that you would, the stuff on here is great). This forum was designed simply to share awesome, inspirational work, not pettiness or jibes so it won’t be tollerated and will be removed. If you don’t like it, there’s plenty of other sites on the internet. Likewise, if you do like something or have good things to say please don’t be shy, we all love to hear nice things about our hard work. Peace and love man.
That said, we expect that our jottings won’t necessarily float everyone’s boat, but they’re designed to open up debate so we encourage responses and reposté.

How come my work is featured?
Good question, and the answer is simply because we love your work and wanted to blog about it and share it with the wider world. If you’re not happy, just drop us an email and it’ll be off within 24hours, no biggie.

Can I become a contributor?
We’re open to expanding our family of contributors. Get in touch and let’s talk.