Boheem {Sydney}

Awesome agencies / LWC

Here on Cloud 9 we have a fondness for all thing great and good, turns out Boheem are pretty good guys (and gals). Established in 2004, Boheem practice their niceness from Sydney, Australia. Now I’m not sure about you but if I was exposed to Sydney’s annual sunshine quota I may be a little nicer too! Anyhoo I digress. At Boheem, the team specialise in designing for not-for-profit, aid and government organisations. Their focus is to “give something back” to the community and to help make a difference to people’s lives globally. I think we all know by now designers are not going to single handedly save the world (much as we shall try) but perhaps we could all take a leaf out Boheem‘s book. It’s Friday… be nice!

Check ’em out here… and their blog makes a good peruse too.