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Dance with The Lord of Misrule


It’s probably fair to say the Welsh like a party. If you were in Cardiff last weekend you can probably lay testament to that. And not a lot of people know, us Welsh like a festival too; we’ve got all sorts and in all shapes and sizes, from Wakestock up in Abersoch, to Croissant Neuf down in Usk. All sorts. But probably the most renowned of them all is the Green Man Festival held over four days and nine stages […]

Dalton Maag and The LED Project reveal the new face of energy


Dalton Maag and São Paulo’s The LED Project have worked together to unveil a new custom face for the new approach to the identity of one of the largest energy companies in the world, Petrobras. A household name in Brazil in Creative Director Fabio Haag‘s native Brazil, Petrobras has a presence in 28 different countries, and excitingly this is the first time during the 60 year history of the company that Petrobras has had its own, unique font. The new font family ties […]

Have No Fear {Pearlfisher}


Pearlfisher is set to further celebrate it’s double decade of design with the launch of a book entitled ‘Have No Fear’. The ‘Have No Fear’ book is a collaborative work that has been designed, written and produced by Pearlfisher’s studios in London and New York. It is a celebration of graphic design and is made of 20 powerful beliefs that have defined Pearlfisher as an agency over the last 20 years. Each of the 20 […]

More pictograms than you can shake a javelin at


It’s been suspiciously quiet on the SomeOne front so far this year after a flurry of big launches at the back end of last year. But concern yourself no more brand fans, they’re back with a bang and an explosive new identity for British Athletics. Seizing on possibly the highest profile UK Athletics has enjoyed in many a year, what with those few weeks that happened in the summer and that, they identified a need to […]



BCN:MCR premieres at 2022NQ on Thursday 21 February 2013 and is presented by Manchester-based designer, Dave Sedgwick. The exhibition unites, for the first time, five of the most innovative and cutting-edge, Barcelona based design agencies of the moment; Hey, Lamosca, Lo Siento, Mayúscula and Mucho; and will provide a rare opportunity for designers, creatives and culture enthusiasts everywhere, to experience the work of award-winning, pioneering and original design from Barcelona. Sedgwick’s passion for design and […]

Handsome Spiel


New work from Liverpool’s Well Made Studio, feast your eyes on Spiel Magazine; a quarterly, independent football magazine. SPIEL is about football, football and fashion, football and music, football and art. Sometimes SPIEL is about football as art but always it is always about offering a cultural perspective of the game. Originally launched 18 months ago and with a print run of over 5,000 distributed in London and the north of England, SPIEL has built a loyal […]

Zebra romance the stone


More handsome new work from Perth’s Zebra ~ this time much more clinical and understated than the last treat we featured (Moodmakr) ~ Gem Bar is a contemporary, boutique bar in Singapore that needed a refresh of their visual identity to reflect a recent renovation. The new interior design theme had an industrial, warehouse feel to it and the graphic elements took cues from there. Zebra developed the logo as well as the associated branded items, […]

Zebra in the mood


Terrifically charming and vibrant new work by Perth studio Zebra ~ Moodmakr app, the brainchild of Arcade who are a Singapore-based creative agency. Arcade are known for creating intellectual properties and ideas and turning them into commercial ventures. Zebra have worked alongside Arcade on many projects over the past few years and with Moodmakr they were asked to bring one such idea to life. Moodmakr is an app that aims to satisfy the mood of a consumer […]