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A Beautiful facelift for English Ballet


The English National Ballet are launching a radical new brand and advertising campaign that uses Dalton Maag’s Aktiv Grotesk for their new logo. The campaign, by creative agency The Beautiful Meme, features stunning photography of English National Ballet dancers wearing couture garments by Vivienne Westwood. Dalton Maag’s Aktiv Grotesk was modified to create a unique logotype for the ballet company. The starting point was Aktiv Grotesk Bold, with the spacing and leading of the individual […]

So that was 2012, and it smelt pretty good…


Merry Christmas folks, it’s been quite a year. Definite highlights here have been all the people we’ve spoken to and gotten to know along the road; from our very first interview way back in February with the Allotment’s Michael Smith, to our most recent one a few weeks back with Nick Finney and everyone in between; Martin Maher, Scott Thomas, Matthew Haynes, Gemma O’Brien, Thomas Hunt, and the great John Lloyd; and of course the […]

Now even more Well Made


Regular friends of DJ may be familiar with Liverpool’s Mercy, one of our favourite agencies whose work we shone a light on back in April. Well, times they are a’changing over at Mercy Heights – in fact, after a decade of delivering a diverse body of work, the chaps are taking the bold leap of dividing in to two and have announced the arrival of Well Made Studio, this Yuletide. Cue trumpets. Director and co-founder Doug Kerr says “When […]

With love from Dowling Duncan


Generally, at any one moment in a day I’ll have a scribble pad on my desk, email pinging, phones ringing and twitter vociferating but occasionally, just occasionally, something cuts through the noise like a white light and it’ll make me stop to absorb. Sometimes they are large things that catch my attention, other times they come in smaller packages. The latter arrived today courtesy of Dowling Duncan who unveiled a delightful new identity for The Boutique Life, a new online community which seeks […]

The Allotment – care, devotion and The Donkey Sanctuary


The guys at The Allotment have treated us to a second helping of work in a matter of weeks, this time hitting the spot with a lovely and inventive rebrand for UK-based international Charity The Donkey Sanctuary. The project began nearly 12 months ago and has culminated in a new identity and proposition based on the Charity’s core purpose, which is: ‘Care and devotion’ to mules and donkeys worldwide. The Charity touches more than 400,000 working […]

The Allotment at Home


The Allotment have unveiled a new brand for diverse UK home insurance business HomeProtect. The genesis of the concept was born out of initial workshops where the notion of ‘variety’ came to the forefront – acknowledging that in order for the business to grow within a saturated, visually flavourless and highly competitive world of insurance comparison sites, the business needed to stand out and position itself as inclusive providers – regardless of personal circumstance. This was a […]

Hammersmith in vogue, SomeOne style


SomeOne have been at it again – another glorious piece of destination branding – hot on the heels of giving Victoria the once over. Introducing, the SomeOne ensemble’s take on 10 Hammersmith Grove, a spanking new state-of-the-art building in the eponymous district, boasting a wondrous assemblage of impressive features; rooftop gardens to roaring open fire in the reception and public realm areas. Tasty. Quick bit of background; Hammersmith is within easy reach of Heathrow / the West End, highly […]

When Victoria met SomeOne…


Times, they are a’changin for London’s Victoria district. Mainly, with significant investment and development encompassing, amongst other things, a vast increase in public space across an 81,800sqm site right opposite the station. The plan is to embrace a diversity of retail, residential and office space, along with a four-storey library to serve the local community. There’s other developments in the pipeline too, but the challenge that really faced the troupe at SomeOne, was how do you encapsulate an […]