More pictograms than you can shake a javelin at


It’s been suspiciously quiet on the SomeOne front so far this year after a flurry of big launches at the back end of last year. But concern yourself no more brand fans, they’re back with a bang and an explosive new identity for British Athletics.

Seizing on possibly the highest profile UK Athletics has enjoyed in many a year, what with those few weeks that happened in the summer and that, they identified a need to create a more consumer-focused identity that was able to attract and engage with new participants of the sport as well as those already familiar with athletics and the UK Athletics body. SomeOne seemed like a good fit, having won much acclaim for their Olympic pictograms.

As athletic organisations logos are often worn, on event clothing as well as training kit, the existing UK Athletics logo approach was felt better represented by a badge. A badge of athletic pride. As SomeOne co-founder Gary Holt states “A badge was created to bring together all of the diverse athletic disciplines. Something that could come to represent quality, confidence, expertise and pride – in all things athletic”.

The branding device of the badge is designed to work at both small sizes where the illustration makes a crest-like shape — and at large sizes where each of the sporting figures can be more clearly read. The leading symbol is detailed, but is designed to retain primary elements even at small sizes and in challenging applications such as stitched shirts and digital branded environments.

Individually these pictograms can be picked out in colour for each specific discipline, or even used as patterns themselves – increasing pride and relevance to all of the types of athletics, as well as building a broader brand world for all communications and events.

The new British Athletics logo is made up of 14 different “pictograms” each representing a different discipline within the sport and as Sophia Warner, British Athletics Commercial Director explains, the unique design has been created to reflect the diverse nature of athletics.

‘The development of the British Athletics brand gives the sport something really exciting and unique to work with, and opens up a world of opportunities for us to develop and increase the profile of the sport.’

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