Zebra romance the stone


More handsome new work from Perth’s Zebra ~ this time much more clinical and understated than the last treat we featured (Moodmakr) ~ Gem Bar is a contemporary, boutique bar in Singapore that needed a refresh of their visual identity to reflect a recent renovation. The new interior design theme had an industrial, warehouse feel to it and the graphic elements took cues from there.

Zebra developed the logo as well as the associated branded items, including exterior signage as well as the bar’s stationery, menus, drinks coasters and staff uniforms.

Zebra Creative Director Martin Maher explained; “We wanted to keep the look very simple and sharp, using clean lines throughout. The logo references the precise gem-like qualities of the name. The sharp angles work well when juxtaposed against the raw concrete, steel, wood and brick textures of the bar.”

Tw. @madebyzebra

Gem BarGem BarGem BarGem BarGem BarGem Bar