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Talking to me?

Branding / News

More and more we see the importance of how brands communicate with their audience. In particular the character and tone in the words they say and increasing as important, how we the audience expect them to sound. Possible the most authentic social platform ouTube is defined by its raw, filter free content. The challenge though is to engage with their content creators so they feel part of the brand, but also to reach out to the […]

Rhythm and frequency

Awesome agencies / Branding

Living identities start as a grand vision, but all to often stops at a simple animation. Australian Design Radio’s new mark goes beyond that first stage and truely breaths as a digital living mark. Australian Design Radio (ADR) is a podcast based in Sydney, Australia that aims to provide the global creative community with conversations and commentary on Australian Design. Eighteen months and over thirty episodes after launching, the team decided a complete overhaul of the brand was in […]

To-do lists get a facelift


Designers hate being ruled by the clock, but have to admit that more often than not it’s something that actually becomes useful in tracking projects. Reinvention is becoming an inevitable part of organisations competing in the digital product world but it takes some guts to totally rip-up the past and start again from scratch. For The People have done just that together with project management software Streamtime, making the product once again fresh and relative to the industry it […]

Glitter and croissants from A Friend of Mine


Croissant inspired rockets, subtle usage of glitter and packaging  designed with  ‘hyperdrive’ ventilation slots — what’s not to like about this project! Melbourne studio A Friend of Mine (AFOM) must of had a ridiculous amount of pleasure working on the branding for Lune Croissanterie. I wonder how much ‘taste testing’ went into the research of this project?!

Playful, kid first branding for World Children’s Festival


Sometimes pitch word never makes it, but that doesn’t mean it should be locked away in the depths of our storage servers. Eric Amaral Rohter has craeted a distinctive personal identity that reflected and enhanced the values of the World Children’s Festival, whilst emphasising how creativity can empower.

MultiAdaptor liberates on-demand service Quiqup


We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to on-demand services and it looks like delivery is the next market to see the shake up.  The UK startup Quiqup is one such service and with a multi million pound investment it now has the backing to make a real impact in this emerging marketplace.

Ireland’s largest rebrand in 20 years


Eircom, Ireland’s largest telecoms business, is undergoing a period of change.   Said to be the country’s largest rebrand in 20 years, Eir is rolling out it’s new brand on over 1,700 new shirts, hard hats and hi-vis vests for staff and new external signage for its 63 stores, not to mention the 6,000 television and 4,500 radio adverts set to grace audiences throughout Ireland.