Ireland’s largest rebrand in 20 years

Eircom, Ireland’s largest telecoms business, is undergoing a period of change.


Said to be the country’s largest rebrand in 20 years, Eir is rolling out it’s new brand on over 1,700 new shirts, hard hats and hi-vis vests for staff and new external signage for its 63 stores, not to mention the 6,000 television and 4,500 radio adverts set to grace audiences throughout Ireland.


The challenge was to better communicate its commitment to and role within the changing face of Ireland. Enter Moving Brands.


Moving Brands was engaged as Eircom’s lead creative partner, to clarify and streamline its business architecture, transform the brand identity, and set the direction for over 100 agencies in the launch of its new brand.


A simple but bold brand system allows this complex business to intuitively create and deploy a range of vibrant, larger than life expressions. Dropping the com and developing a strapline ‘Live life on eir’, Moving Brands have shifted the brands focus from cold, corporate, supplier of infrastructure and services to one of warm, positive and above all human.


Whether you think it looks like ‘a child riding a blow-up dinosaur’ the combination of the uplifting angle together with the vibrant colour palette, offers a playful brand just asked to be taken in and loved by a nation.


Read more about the project here.



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