MultiAdaptor liberates on-demand service Quiqup


We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to on-demand services and it looks like delivery is the next market to see the shake up.  The UK startup Quiqup is one such service and with a multi million pound investment it now has the backing to make a real impact in this emerging marketplace.

So what is Quiqup? Whether it’s delivering dishes from your favourite restaurant (that doesn’t do takeaway); picking-up and dropping-off a last-minute gift for a special occasion; or running an essential errand you don’t have time to do yourself — Quiqup delivers.

Quiqup are ambitious. They at the forefront of an exciting new market that transforms the established business models of delivery, courier and even concierge services through technology — democratising ideas that until now were exclusive to a privileged few.

Identifying this drive and grand vision, MultiAdaptor looked to separate this truly flexible service with a truly flexible brand.

The choice of a strong, bright green really sets out to capture the energy and freshness as well as making a clear statement in a market flooded with red brands. Adding an element of charm and playful, MultiAdaptor unlocked the Quiqup Q, liberating the ‘loop’ to develop a framework that is infinitely adaptable but instantly identifiable.

With well over 100,000 orders fulfilled, and millions of pounds of investment raised just one year into trading, Quiqup is a major force in the rapidly growing on-demand delivery market.



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