Talking to me?

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More and more we see the importance of how brands communicate with their audience. In particular the character and tone in the words they say and increasing as important, how we the audience expect them to sound.

Possible the most authentic social platform ouTube is defined by its raw, filter free content. The challenge though is to engage with their content creators so they feel part of the brand, but also to reach out to the viewers as the company graduates from cat videos to compete with the subscription streaming services of Netflix and Hulu.

Saffron have developed a font that combines the vibrant, user-friendly world of YouTube with the bold, freewheeling world of cinema and entertainment. YouTube Sans is slightly quirky and expressive, but also simple and bold, just like the platform it calls home.

“We didn’t want it to be too generic. You go, ‘oh, it’s just there,’” says Saffron creative director Matt Atchison, who led the project. “We wanted to create something that entered someone’s consciousness, and so bit by bit, people start to absorb this typeface and the message: ‘Ah, that’s YouTube TV talking to me!’”

Now, YouTube has a typographic system that can carry YouTube’s message all over the world across all kinds of media. This is a font that can communicate its brand with only a glance. And a font family that will continue to grow with the speed and excitement of YouTube itself.