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We’ve just discovered this little peach which we thought we’d share. I don’t know how much you already know about Blurb but, in a nutshell, they make quality can easily create yourself and produce on very small runs for pretty reasonable prices. Use Instagram, Facebook, Photobucket, Flickr, Tumblr… pretty much any other photo-based website to grab the images to create a book, or us pro’s get jiggy straight from Lightbox or InDesign. Ornament your coffee table with one, give them to clients, give one to your mum, or maybe sell the bad boys. Up to you. You can even make them from your iPad/iPhone.

Bit of Blurb background, was founded ’05 in San Fransisco (now with a London base too) and I’m told they shipped just under 1.4million in 2010 books to more than 70 countries ranking them the fastest growing media company on the Inc. 500 in the same year.

So were did it all start? Founder Eileen Gittins never stopped photographing since her days studying photography, and that’s how Blurb got started. She wanted to create a beautifully designed and produced photo essay book – something that looked like a book you’d buy at the bookstore – but she only needed 40 copies. This turned out to be remarkably painful, expensive, and time-consuming – and she thought that was just wrong. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, often having to compromise with poor quality, streaky digital print. So she founded Blurb. Happy days.

Credits for the books below belong to Christopher Capozziello (with book jacket printed on a gloss stock) and Jay Chapman (printed on lovely Mohawk uncoated), both of which we have and can assert to the superb quality of the finished article, well worth a punt.

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