Mason McFee {Austin, Tx}


Perhaps best described as a graphic artist, Mason McFee‘s work is all sorts of things to all sorts of people; I think you either love it straight away or become seduced by it’s charm over time and understanding. I personally love the bizarre but endearing darkness to his work; his style and the media he works with is mixed, but always equally absorbing.

Best put in Mason’s own words; “While I struggle between being a graphic designer and an artist, I feel the two actually feed each other in one way or the other. Sometimes when art gets too free, I go back to design. When design gets too controlling, I sketch around a notebook for a while. If they both are doing it, I’ll cut up some wood and glue it together and spray paint it, hang it on a wall and photograph it. I’m a child of the 80’s and can’t sit still for too long, so this type of working just comes naturally.”

Visit his website to appreciate the full breadth of his folio.

Tw. @mase_man

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