Rustic illustrations inspire Mucca


Driven by a rich, rustic illustrative style the farm-to-table restaurant Agricola branding speaks of artisan ways and love of the finest produce.

Mucca has taken care to step away from the trending cliches which have flooded the hospitality sector thanks to the love of the ‘markers’ out there packaged delightfully for the ‘hipster’ foodies. The typography is distinctive with both a foot in the past, acknowledging the values of the restaurant but by still maintaining a modern stance.

Latin for “farmer,” the name embodies the restaurateur’s commitment to local growers and seasonal produce. Mucca has created a flexible system in which the logo and accompany illustration can change, allowing the identity to stay in sync with the seasons.

Located in the sophisticated neighborhood of Princeton, New Jersey, the challenge was to create an atmosphere that was casual, but tailored to a clientele of professors, businesspeople and local families.

Mucca’s work helped establish a community eatery where authenticity is a cause for celebration. Opening to rave reviews, Agricola has since garnered a loyal local following and widespread acclaim, and was recognized as one of the best restaurants in New Jersey two years in a row by New Jersey Monthly.

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