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Branding / Design / Typography

In the world of auto racing, lightweight performance wheels can make all the difference. Yet, with the surge of flimsy “fashion wheel” brands claiming to offer high-performance at competitive prices, it’s hard for true racing enthusiasts to discern real quality. Enter Apex—a company dedicated to engineering elite racing wheels that deliver unmatched performance and value. To help Apex stand out and convey their commitment to authenticity, they partnered with Gold Front, a renowned San Francisco […]

Violaine & Jeremy bring artistry to La Plage

Branding / Illustrators

Paris-based illustration and graphic arts studio, Violaine & Jeremy, known for their exquisite hand-drawn illustrations and independent type foundry, have unveiled their latest project: the brand identity for La Plage at the iconic Hotel Martinez. Nestled within the legendary Croisette palace, Hotel Martinez is synonymous with luxury and elegance, making it a fitting canvas for Violaine & Jeremy’s artistic prowess.

A bold step towards education for all


In a world where 80% of low-income working adults aspire to attend school but are hindered by financial constraints, Guild is making a transformative impact by collaborating with employers to offer tuition-free education, skilling, and career mobility opportunities for their workforce. New York based COLLINS revamp for Guild is more than a brand identity, it’s a bold declaration of its purpose and potential.

Turning a chapter


Edit, a Manchester-based branding studio, has reimagined the identity of Hay Festival Global, a leading cultural charity, with a dynamic visual overhaul that honours its literary heritage and global impact. Founded in 1987 in Hay-on-Wye, Wales, the festival’s new logo, set at a 23.5-degree angle mirroring the Earth’s axis, symbolises its worldwide reach. This rotating emblem embodies the organisation’s diverse array of initiatives, from festivals and forums to digital platforms and educational programs, uniting them […]

Parsley a culinary adventure


Setting the stage for a delightful dining journey, Parsley by Paris based Brand Brothers perfectly captures the culinary experience and makes the mouth water. Chef Geoffrey Gotfryd, a graduate of Ferrandi school, created Parsley in 2020, and for their second opening in Paris’ 2nd district, Brand Brothers was entrusted with reimagining the visual identity. The result is a meticulously designed lettering that embodies deliciousness and refinement, complemented by the raw and airy typeface, Degheest Director, […]

Minty-fresh oral care

Awesome agencies

With a shared vision to transform dental care, Kati Forner’s design perfectly captures the boldness and innovation of Wally’s mission. The strategic positioning as “A Better Way to a Brighter Smile” and the irreverent tagline “Be a Smart Mouth” convey a refreshing and playful approach. Visually, Kati Forner’s design is captivating, with a bright and vibrant visual identity. The logomark’s clever incorporation of a smile and the fresh colour palette, inspired by oral care tools, […]



‘Happytecture’ is an immersive journey that celebrates the power of art and design, leaving readers inspired to find joy and magic in the built environment. Counter Press brings you the captivating world of ‘Happytecture’ by renowned photographers Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda, where imagination meets architecture. Dive into their visually stunning book and discover the joy of finding extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. With each turn of the page, you’ll be transported to a whimsical […]

Made in America

Awesome agencies

Made Index is a visual directory featuring a growing selection of American-made goods. Users can search, sort, or browse through 300+ sites and submit their favourite brands to help grow the list. Brooklyn-based design studio Cold Cuts are behind the concept and design of this venture.