Bianco Footwear gets the Stupid treatment

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In this third installment of an ongoing rebranding of Bianco Footwear, Studio Stupid teamed up with artistic duo Emilie and Matthew to created a colorful, wild and energetic season campaign.

Danish studio Stupid have been working closely with Bianco to help the struggling footwear brand regain their impact among early adopters, since these consumers serve as a driver for the rest of the market.

Stupid Studio have been reinvigorating the brand that had lost relevance in the fashion shoe market, and it was clear that only a radical revitalization would breathe new life into the brand.

This seasons campaign focuses around the idea of ‘Falling Head Over Heels’ capturing romantic undertones and holds a promise of better things to come. The artist duo Emilie and Matthew, created silicone casts of Bianco’s shoes and recreated them in resin to form sculptures that are perfectly balanced. Each and every part of the sculptures rests and supports another: the compositions would simply fall apart if just one element were removed.


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