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Rustic illustrations inspire Mucca


Driven by a rich, rustic illustrative style the farm-to-table restaurant Agricola branding speaks of artisan ways and love of the finest produce. Mucca has taken care to step away from the trending cliches which have flooded the hospitality sector thanks to the love of the ‘markers’ out there packaged delightfully for the ‘hipster’ foodies. The typography is distinctive with both a foot in the past, acknowledging the values of the restaurant but by still maintaining […]

Michael Freimuth {Brooklyn, NY}

Outstanding individuals

Really love the work by Michael Freimuth ~ art director, designer, illustrator and former ADC Young Gun and winner of ’08 Print Magazine New Visual Artist Award, based in Brooklyn, NY. He has worked as art director at the design agency Tender, in Manhattan, and is currently freelancing for a range of clients. He’s also CD at large for both Chicago-based Proximity Magazine, and the design journal Matériel. Check him out… Tw. @michaelfreimuth

Rutger Paulusse {New York}

Outstanding individuals

Allow us to regale you with a tale of perseverance, triumph and the American dream… Hailing from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, meet Rutger Paulusse. His misspent youth was pivoted around graffiti-based antics, as he grew older his interest for letters only swelled; he kept drawing and tagging, drawing and tagging. Because of that, a friend of his, a tattoo-artist, motivated our young hero to go to art-school. He’d never thought of that… thus registered himself for admission. Alas, […]

James Kape {Sydney}

LWC / Outstanding individuals

James Kape is a New York based designer so a slight cheat this week but the boy does hail from Sydney, Australia. He focuses primarily on branding, print and web design. James is inspired by refined design, typography and photography. He approaches each project with interest and enthusiasm, always striving to create something both visually effective and appropriate for its intended audience. A perfect candidate to join our troop of outstanding individuals me thinks.

Iron Design {NYC}

Awesome agencies

Effective, appealing commercial design is a skill often overlooked. Iron Design, of New York, have a body of work that is a wealth of fun and efficiency built since ’93. Interesting type mixed with smart colour choices make for a fanstastically solid and consistent body of work. Tw. @DesignIron / Fb. IronDesignInc  

Jamie Hoyt-Vitale {New York}

Outstanding individuals

Jamie Hoyt-Vitale, a self confessed problem solver and all round top designer, showcases her wealth of experience on her portfolio site viixii. Working within the music business and now freelancing on her own, Jamie shows a real passion for type-driven design and printing techniques.

Li, Inc. {New York}

Awesome agencies

Stunning print design from New York’s Li, Inc. whose clients in the fashion, art and beauty realm include Barneys, Guggenheim, Louis Vuitton, Vogue China, Chanel, Tasaki, Swiss Institute, H&M and Design Museum amongst others.