A new kind of video storytelling

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When a product is all about the visual, your brand needs to be on point when it comes to its visual language and tone of voice.

From cave drawings to mobile videos, human nature’s primal instinct has always been to share life experiences through visual storytelling. With this ideas at its core Moving Brands has created an identity that exemplify jovially, life’s common occurrences and occasions in a very loud marketplace.

With over 80 million happy users spanning 137 countries and in 26 languages, Magisto helps people create and share millions of experiences daily.

Using Emotion Sense Technology, artificial intelligence, to analyze, edit and produce raw photos and videos into professional quality movies, the Magisto app is one of the most evolved forms of visual storytelling.

Establishing an emotional connection is at the heart of great storytelling and this idea is best amplify through the subtle movements of the digital hieroglyphics which derived from video language: circle for record, triangle for play, square for stop and rectangle for pauses.


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