First impressions

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In a world increasingly obsessed with image, the pressure on ones appearance has never been greater. First impressions seem to count for everything so it’s no wonder if someone suffers from skin problems their confidence will take a downward turn.

D.Thomas is a London-based, leading UK a skincare brand specialising in problem skin. The work of the clinic can alleviate and cure many skin issues from acne to pigmentation. Non invasive, the treatments centre around a series of light based therapies that radically improve skins health.

Rich Rhodes — SomeOne’s lead Design Director on the project said ‘The idea of first impressions was taken to help create the brand images. We took 100 bags of white flour and set up ‘impression tanks’ where we pressed mannequins faces, hands, and bodies.’

‘The resulting forms were photographed and now form the core brand photoset. The resulting rebrand is a radical departure in the sector. No traditional ‘spa’ images — no complex descriptions. Just the right impression.’

On top of creating the iconic brand imagery, Someone reconsidered the entire customer journey to help showcase the key procedures to be simpler, clearer and more swiftly understandable.

In a very sensitive industry, Someone has delivered a powerful identity that speaks to the heart of those who seek help. Working on multiple levels, the idea of first impressions has been executed with a level of sophistication and elegance with a focus on those live in fear of being singled out.