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The Beautiful Meme & Dalton Maag collaborate


The branding and website for the £9m Battle of Bannockburn project were launched this week signalling the 700 day countdown towards the 700th anniversary of the famous Scottish battle, when a new state-of-the art visitor attraction will open to the public. Enter a thoroughly interesting brand identity… The new identity was created by Yorkshire’s The Beautiful Meme – with consultation from type giants Dalton Maag – reflecting the complexities of Bannockburn, each letter representing an integral part of the historic story. Take […]

Moving Brands mark a new era in Story Telling


With the never ending debates over whether ‘print is dead’ you could argue that with this latest project from Moving Brands that the final nail has been hammered into the coffin. Madefire is a ‘Motion Book’ recently launched for tablet devices that takes the world of Graphic Novels and turns it on its head. Founded by and featuring some of the work of Ben Wolstenholme (founder of Moving Brands), Liam Sharp and Eugene Walden this ‘motion […]

Lunchtime McLovin’


Pixel Picnics has landed to liven up your end of week lunchtimes and squeeze your creative juices. So what is it? A handsome question to which the answer is thus; a social gaming platform built especially for creatives. Y’see? Just out of beta, you can expect daily challenges and mini games plus a lively weekly LIVE game (with a real life presenter) specifically targeted toward creative folk like me and thee. Played through your Twitter […]

Cheltenham Design Festival 2012


Get ’em while they’re hot… tickets for the 2012 Cheltenham Design Festival are out now and selling like hot potatoes. Taking place over three days in April 2012 (20th–22nd), the festival will showcase some of the most innovative and creative thinkers operating on a global level today, providing a unique opportunity to engage with innovators from the world’s creative community who influence our lives through original thought… STEFAN SAGMEISTER: AN AUDIENCE WITH…: 21 April, 11.45am […]

The year of the cloud

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Haaaaappy New Year folks! As the feasting and festivities fade into the distance and you ease back to reality, allow us to raise your spirits back to fever pitch. A new year calls for a new feature and as 2012 is apparently the year of the cloud it only seemed appropriate we invited you onto Cloud 9. But there is some method to our tenuous madness; late 2011 saw Designers Journal meet Long White Cloud. Turns […]

Burton Kramer Film trailer


“I needed only a drawing board, a t-square, some triangles, pencils, a sharpener, a desk lamp and a chair.” —Burton Kramer For your viewing pleasure, this spring will see the the release of an insight into design great Burton Kramer, produced by Vancouver based designer Greg Durrell. Born in 1932 in New York, Kramer began working in the late ’50s after graduating from Yale University. Aside from his prominently featured work at Expo 67, he […]

Trebleseven’s TwentyTwelve sets the date


Trebleseven have added to their already typographically opulent collection of prints with the release of a TwentyTwelve calendar. Double sided, the A1 print’s date side is constructed using a tidy 15 column grid, the reverse features selected favourite Trebleseven branding and design projects. Handily, the calendar also folds into a more handleable five concertina fold (A1 length, shown below) mailer. Printed on GF Smith ColorPlan and available in a handful of colours, this is a really nice […]

Get Lucky in style


Regular viewers of the ol’ D to tha J will already be aware of South African graphic swashbuckler Luke Ritchie. You may then recall his enterprise with @simonalander, LuckyFella Clothing Co., which was in the pipeline. True to his word, hey presto – he’s only gone and launched it! Says Ritchie; “LuckyFella Clothing Co was born out of a desire for clean and custom type-centric clothing. As a graphic designer and typographer, I wanted to […]