Moving Brands mark a new era in Story Telling


With the never ending debates over whether ‘print is dead’ you could argue that with this latest project from Moving Brands that the final nail has been hammered into the coffin.

Madefire is a ‘Motion Book’ recently launched for tablet devices that takes the world of Graphic Novels and turns it on its head. Founded by and featuring some of the work of Ben Wolstenholme (founder of Moving Brands), Liam Sharp and Eugene Walden this ‘motion book’ pushes at the boundaries of the tablets its housed on and simply enhances all aspects of the lovingly created adventures it features. Through clever use of sound effects, music and animation the Graphic Novels come more alive onscreen however, the experience still maintains true to the art form and more importantly the actual printed comics themselves.

Crafted by the team at Moving Brands, the Madefire brand has a very bold presence calling out to its audience to ‘start something’. The mark itself pays homage to the comic book history but its the distinctive visual language that instantly making it feel like its already been part of the establishment. A clever transition from the Moving Brands own logo (whether conscious or not) the Madefire marks sharp points and use of cirlces creating both the ‘M’ mark and a nod to the traditional comic book with its book-like form. Staying with the tradition, you will be please to hear that Madefire haven’t turned their back totally on the printed and have produced a number of carefully tailored pieces to extend the brand out to their audience.

‘Today everyone had the power to tell a story to the world’ as stated in the brands Narrative, and it’s this quality that breaths life into the brand itself by empowering its audience to become the creators moreover, a call to arms for a new generation of the genre. If extra authenticity was at all needed the Madefire App launches with both writers and artists of high note such as Dave Gibbons, famous for drawing Watchmen.

Take a look for yourself over at the Moving Brands site or why not even download the Madefire App… well it is free!