When Victoria met SomeOne…


Times, they are a’changin for London’s Victoria district. Mainly, with significant investment and development encompassing, amongst other things, a vast increase in public space across an 81,800sqm site right opposite the station. The plan is to embrace a diversity of retail, residential and office space, along with a four-storey library to serve the local community.

There’s other developments in the pipeline too, but the challenge that really faced the troupe at SomeOne, was how do you encapsulate an area that most people (the odd 115 million or so) simply pass through and don’t associate anything (other than a pretty hefty station) with?

“The modular BrandWorld is highly flexible and enables the organisation to be speedily adaptive in the way it communicates with audiences” says David Law, co-founder of SomeOne. “We have set up two sides of the visual brand identity, one fixed set (wordmark / typefaces / colour systems) to be used in a broadcast manner where badging is required, and another — employing the ‘v-grid’ for more conversational applications.”

Working with Land Securities to establish an entirely new vision for Victoria, the new visual brand identity will be used throughout the area over the next 7 years as the transformation takes place.

Read the full background on SomeOne’s website here, or give them a wave on Twitter