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The Meringue Girls Cookbook


Well Made Studio have been getting their Merry Berrys on, courtesy of The Meringue Girls Cookbook, published by Random House. The book design itself takes its lead from the centrepiece – an enormous Rainbow Meringue Layer Cake – taking cues from this colour palette to split the sections and applying it to full colour pages for maximum impact. To add more depth and avoid flat colours, illustrator Kenn Goodall was commissioned to paint large, sumptuous […]

Have No Fear {Pearlfisher}


Pearlfisher is set to further celebrate it’s double decade of design with the launch of a book entitled ‘Have No Fear’. The ‘Have No Fear’ book is a collaborative work that has been designed, written and produced by Pearlfisher’s studios in London and New York. It is a celebration of graphic design and is made of 20 powerful beliefs that have defined Pearlfisher as an agency over the last 20 years. Each of the 20 […]

Profiles – John Lloyd


There are few bona fide heroes in this world. Ones that genuinely inspire and continue to do so and who’s experience and accomplishments give them an unquestionable sovereignty of voice within their realm. And it’s not just that – they belong to a unique club characterised as the original trail blazers, the ones who set the precedent and the ones who shaped the industry – and the landscape – by playing their part in defining it. One such person […]

MADE Quarterly

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You may remember last month, when we had a chat with Hunt Studio & Process Journal founder Thomas Williams, he let slip about an upcoming project. Well, today it’s been unleashed. This latest shelf candy, MADE, focuses on inspirational people from around the world who create incredible things, including but not limited to, industrial design, architecture, fashion, interior design, photography and the culinary world. MADE gets inside the heads of those individuals to find out […]

A brand forged in Rock – Believe in


Every now and then one of those projects pop up in the studio that become something a bit more than another item on the to-do list, they become a love affair. If I had to guess, I’d say one such a project reared it’s lovely little head in the studio of Believe in. The Exeter studio, cavaliers of meticulously fine brands, have just unveiled a new identity and stationery set for internationally acclaimed heavy metal logo […]

Explorations in Indexing

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Index, the Auckland based design studio founded and run by Jonty Valentine and Amy Yalland, have just published their first book, ‘Explorations in Indexing‘. And what an exquisite piece of shelf-candy it is too… EiI the outcome of an open-ended exploration into the idea of indexing, functioning partly as a self-promotional device, the book is a sort of visual manifesto for the practice – it’s quite a stunning way to lay down the gauntlet and announce the […]

Studio Magazine #2


Get it while it’s hot. Studio Magazine is the international magazine about making places; profiling studios from a range of fields, Studio Magazine features creative spaces from New York to Paris to Auckland. The magazine was born out of the love of print, by a threesome of graphic designers-come-editors Clem Devine and Zoe Ikin (Alt Group) and Sam Trustrum (Studio Alexander). Issue Two is available to buy now – limited to a run of a mere 250 – indulging in gold foil (fancy), […]

Heroes – Ben Bos


This week’s Masters Monday, Zebra’s Martin Maher talks Ben Bos… There is one book in my collection that I always go back to for reference. It’s not a huge, casebound tome filled with hundreds of pages of clever, poetic verse and tons of pretty pictures. It’s a smallish, humble, paperback book about a Dutch designer who’s work still looks as fresh, vibrant and downright stunning today as it did when it was first created back […]