Explorations in Indexing

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Index, the Auckland based design studio founded and run by Jonty Valentine and Amy Yalland, have just published their first book, ‘Explorations in Indexing‘. And what an exquisite piece of shelf-candy it is too…

EiI the outcome of an open-ended exploration into the idea of indexing, functioning partly as a self-promotional device, the book is a sort of visual manifesto for the practice – it’s quite a stunning way to lay down the gauntlet and announce the arrival of the year old studio.

Says Amy; “We are interested in indexes (as the most ‘motivated’ of semiotic signs) because we are interested in seeing our work as the outcome of an exploratory, observational or documentary process. This is evident in the (mostly found) visual and written content of the publication, but also in our play with the aesthetics of production; particularly in the binding, and the idiosyncratic material quality of stencil printing.”

There’s only 50 of these handsome puppies available to buy and it’s yours, for a princely sum of just $50NZD, available here.

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