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Get up, stand up, be heard

Branding / Design

Studio Output has answered the call to arms and joined forces with a filmmaker and photographer Josh Cole in getting young people to register to vote. RizeUp is a party-neutral campaign brought to life over the course of 48 hours, following the snap UK general election announcement.

Talking to me?

Branding / News

More and more we see the importance of how brands communicate with their audience. In particular the character and tone in the words they say and increasing as important, how we the audience expect them to sound. Possible the most authentic social platform ouTube is defined by its raw, filter free content. The challenge though is to engage with their content creators so they feel part of the brand, but also to reach out to the […]

Mowgli reimagined


How do you take Rudyard Kipling’s classic, together with one of Disney’s most iconic animations and retell the story to a new, young generation? Bravely London-based illustrator Robert Hunter took on this mammoth challenge and delivered a stunning, stand alone story that takes a new generation on this journey of discovery. Robert’s work is grounded in traditional drawing with a process of continue refinement and reworking till the final creation is one of true craft […]

Get Out Of Jail Free


Known for their award winning illustration and editorial work, I Love Dust were recently commissioned by Mother Jones to add ‘some neon-sign magic’ to an article in their May/June 2014 edition.

Conversion Conversation


London studio The Allotment have launched a transformational brand for Currencies Direct, a £1.1bn business dealing for the past 17 years in the world of foreign exchange and international payments for both individuals moving overseas and for businesses buying and selling abroad. The Allotment articulated a new vision, mission and a set of values which succinctly captured the unique personality of the business. Direct, human, simple, and driven became the mandate for the new brand. This led […]

A splash of something London


The task for Wellington-based London Studio was to develop a new brand for a range of New Zealand wines that could be sold internationally. The branding needed to be identifiable and unique enough to stand out in a cluttered international market but still be expandable for future additions to the product range. The concept the guys created originated from the clients’ two great loves; namely painting and the French language. The Aquarelle Estate (french for […]



London’s SAS have completed work on the annual report for Signature Aviation, which, they say is more than just a compliance publication. At the centrepiece, were a series of images from Benedict Redgrove that show the style of the business and reflect its sense of quality. “It is a tool that is used to build the company brand as it grows in strength each year in the aviation services market. Our role is to ensure that the company […]

SomeOne’s all seeing idea


Jeepers, creepers, it’s been a while since we’ve had a our fill of SomeOne brand-hugs so, always ones to duly oblige, SomeOne have come running, arms open though insisting on being big spoon. The product of several months work, the chaps and chapettes at SomeOne towers have created an adaptive new visual identity for a new visually-led advertising agency, BigEyes, based in Victoria, London. The new agency is called BigEyes due to their visually-led approach to […]