Subtracting to reveal more


For a company all about finessing those details and seeking out that little extra to inject into their craft, Moving Brand has done the complete opposite. By that I mean instead of adding extra elements or complicated pathways they have subtracted in order to create a delicious set of letter forms and in most case simple marks that combine for the Blank identity.


Blank Digital are a New York-based boutique retouching and digital capture company. The quality of their stunning photographic and motion work speaks for itself, ensuring steady work with the best photographers in the business.

It would seem that a business repositioning prompted Blank to engage Moving Brands to do what they do best and to communicate the breadth and benefits of their new offerings. One of the main aims of the refresh was to craft an identity worthy of Blank’s expertise and to provide creative direction to deploy this new brand across their digital and physical touchpoints as Blank new offerings include motion capabilities, and an ambition to cement direct relationships with the world’s most successful luxury, fashion and media businesses.



Referencing Blank’s own editing process the simplification of the typeface to its furthermost recognised form, particularly with the ‘A’ and ‘N’ adds a playful side to the monochromic identity. It’s this abstraction together with the feeling of witnessing the typeface in mid-creation that defines the key storytelling aspect of the brand.

Abstraction with marks is a particular favourite of mind and when produced effectively demonstrates conceptional awareness and sound design thinking. Moving Brands is able to demonstrate both of these qualities as it plays with the human brain to create something that is mnemonic, that in its animated state allows the brain to retain better than its original.

After all this is a quality found in all the icon brands, to be relatable to the audience and leave a memorable impression.

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