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A new kind of video storytelling

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When a product is all about the visual, your brand needs to be on point when it comes to its visual language and tone of voice. From cave drawings to mobile videos, human nature’s primal instinct has always been to share life experiences through visual storytelling. With this ideas at its core Moving Brands has created an identity that exemplify jovially, life’s common occurrences and occasions in a very loud marketplace.

Ireland’s largest rebrand in 20 years


Eircom, Ireland’s largest telecoms business, is undergoing a period of change.   Said to be the country’s largest rebrand in 20 years, Eir is rolling out it’s new brand on over 1,700 new shirts, hard hats and hi-vis vests for staff and new external signage for its 63 stores, not to mention the 6,000 television and 4,500 radio adverts set to grace audiences throughout Ireland.  

Subtracting to reveal more


For a company all about finessing those details and seeking out that little extra to inject into their craft, Moving Brand has done the complete opposite. By that I mean instead of adding extra elements or complicated pathways they have subtracted in order to create a delicious set of letter forms and in most case simple marks that combine for the Blank identity. Blank Digital are a New York-based boutique retouching and digital capture company. […]

Simplicity is luxury – Moving Brands flies high


It seems to be a bit of a thing of late to rebrand an airlines. Over the past few months we’ve seen Someone help launch South African airline FastJet and American Airlines go through a mass overall courtesy of Futurebrand. Nestled amongst all that is a brand launch for an affordable new face in the private jet travel planning on changing the game when it comes to the epitome of luxury travel… introducing Blackjet. Built […]

Glowing season greetings from Moving Brands


‘Tis the season to be jolly… la la la la la la la la la… With most agencies slowly winding up projects with an eye on stuffing themselves with chocolatey treats and fine roast dinners, it seems Moving Brands like to break the norm and fit in one really tricky challenge to complete the year. The tricky project in question is really their own doing.. how to top last years Seasons Greeting? Last year saw […]

Moving Brands mark a new era in Story Telling


With the never ending debates over whether ‘print is dead’ you could argue that with this latest project from Moving Brands that the final nail has been hammered into the coffin. Madefire is a ‘Motion Book’ recently launched for tablet devices that takes the world of Graphic Novels and turns it on its head. Founded by and featuring some of the work of Ben Wolstenholme (founder of Moving Brands), Liam Sharp and Eugene Walden this ‘motion […]