Forged from natures forces

Awesome agencies / Packaging

Gin is shaking off its reputation as a grandma’s drink and the result in a surge of artisan distilleries blending distinctive flavours in every corner of the globe. So when the Allotment were approach to help develop a new craft gin brand they knew they had to do something different, after all, people don’t buy brands they buy into the story behind brands.

Through their research, the Allotment team discovered a rich historic and geological tapestry that led them to the idea of GINOLOGY – a perfect mix of conditions for the gin’s botanicals to thrive.

Names after the dominant mountain in the Hope Valley, Shivering Mountain’s defining taste, character and finish are the result of the Peak District’s immense geological forces and climate. Together these create the perfect elements and conditions for the gin’s botanicals to thrive. Dubbed ‘GINOLOGY’ it’s similar to a wine’s terroir.

Everything has been meticulously considered. I mean, just look at the unique bottle shape that echoed the scale and shiver of the local mountain to the website that slides effortlessly from one page to the next. Every touchpoint delivers on the quality promise that Shivering Mountain gin has been ‘forged & foraged for peak perfection’.

Bravo to the team for seamlessly bringing this project together.

Shivering Mountain Gins will be launched October 2020.