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Unwrap a delightful project


The London Community Foundation (LCF) were last years lucky winner of The Allotment’s ‘Unwrap a Designer’ competition. The competition is for charities in need of design expertise and the winner receives strategic and design guidance donated by The Allotment.

Conversion Conversation


London studio The Allotment have launched a transformational brand for Currencies Direct, a £1.1bn business dealing for the past 17 years in the world of foreign exchange and international payments for both individuals moving overseas and for businesses buying and selling abroad. The Allotment articulated a new vision, mission and a set of values which succinctly captured the unique personality of the business. Direct, human, simple, and driven became the mandate for the new brand. This led […]

Distinctive Repetition {Dublin}

Awesome agencies

Distinctive Repetition is an independent Dublin based graphic design studio. The studio was set up by Rossi McAuley less than two years ago and since then has worked with a diverse range of clients including small start-ups, artistic projects and not-for-profits with projects including print, identity and interior spaces. Says McAuley; “The studio’s output is driven by three core principles; education, experimentation and creativity. We are influenced by the desire to understand the fundamentals of every […]

Two new fonts by Dalton Maag


Dalton Maag has launched two new library fonts today: Soleto and Prometo. Created to work and play together, each one has its own story to tell but as a duet they are something more. Soleto is a text friendly font. Prometo is optimised for display and it has a perfect text partner in Soleto. The design process began in early 2012, with the first sketches for Prometo done by the DM Brazil office. The font that was […]

Alexey Malina {Moscow}

Outstanding individuals

As the eyes of the world are currently on mother Russia, it only seems appropriate to take a look at what’s going on in the industry in that part of the word. So first up, some very nice projects from Alexey Malina, an studio based in Moscow, working “to create the design which forms visual demand. Studio creates memorable works and helps brands to find individuality using simple and elegant communications.” Cast your eyes on this… Tw. @alexey_malina

Sweet taste of self promotion


To stand out from humdrum, everyday promotional mailers, Bristol-based Workbrands sought to create something a little more unique and memorable to prospects that would be both relished and create a talking point, whilst promoting the benefits of brand success. A selection of artisan chocolate truffles and sea-salted caramels, created by local chocolatier Zara’s Chocolates, conjure an implicit comparison with high-standard creative work. Branded ‘The Sweet Taste of Brand Success’, they gave recipients “a little taste of what it would be […]

You Can Now: Get Lost


Introducing the Winter issue of You Can Now Magazine. Setting out to inspire and stimulate creative minds, the Winter issue of You Can Now Magazine takes the theme of ‘Get Lost’ as an adventurous springboard into the welcome unknown. Ideas and directions are sought from a bounty of bold contributors; broadly drawn from science, technology, creative business and the arts. The issue’s feature interview is with Ted Baker founder Ray Kelvin. A rare interviewee, Ray took […]

Only at Christmas ~ Believe in


Christmas. Ah Christmas. By my way of reckoning, creatives either fear or love the challenge of reinventing their tiny festive corner with something that surprises. Or, another way of looking at it is time to breathe a sigh of relief, another year over, having been spent being impossibly cool and serious. Christmas provides an opportunity to go wild. Exeter studio Believe in wanted to send a suitably festive thank you to valued clients, friends and […]