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The Best of the Best {New Zealand Best Awards}

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With the awards season rolling on the next in line to take to the design red carpet are the kiwis. Drumolls thundered through the hills last week as this years Best Awards were finally announced. So who was the best of the best? Internationally acclaimed Alt Group did pretty well with 12 awards in total including the purple pin for their work on the rebrand of Auckland Art Gallery. Strategy Design also did pretty well with a handful of precious cargo to take […]

Packaging in Paris {Pentawards}

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Our Awards Special kicks off with a Parisan bang this week, step forward packaging design royalty, it’s time for the big reveal over at the Pentawards. With a huge international draw the Pentawards showcase the best packaging design from around the world spanning a multitude of categories covering everything from wine in a box (yes they have a dedicated category to our cardboard friends) to savoury snacks and luxury cosmetics. The great thing about the Pentawards […]

It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part…


Who are we kidding, we all love winning! Didn’t we all have at least one dream at uni of wrapping our hands around a Yellow Pencil and making an emotional speech thanking our mother and our pet guinea pig for their support?! Yeh maybe that’s just me but one thing is for sure… it’s awards season! The Pentwards will kick off our run of trophy handing with the ceremony taking place in Paris as we […]

Symphonic Pixels {Melbourne}

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Social conscious is something us designers often consider. While our friends are doctors or teachers slowly saving the world day by day, we (or at least I do) jump at the opportunity to use design for the greater good – seems like our friends over at Symphonic Pixels have a similar approach. They are an independent design studio with a passion for creating work that effects innovative changes in the world by focusing on meaningful, […]

Special Group {Auckland}

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We couldn’t have put it better than in the words of a Special Group we’d like to introduce you to who, “don’t do anything by halves… We aim to make as big an impact on the market on behalf of our clients as is humanly possible. We create content that gets lots of attention and works exponentially harder than the media spend alone. No-one has money to waste, so we make everything count. By weaving intuitive and […]

Shine {Auckland}

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This week’s LWC Friday contender loves a challenge. They get their biggest kicks out of working with people who want to find ways to change the rules not find a slightly better way to follow them. And change the rules they have. With a focus on challenger brands, Shine have raised the bar for the small brands of New Zealand when it comes to design. They believe that a big budget isn’t the advantage it once was, […]

Famous VS {Melbourne}

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Famous Visual Services or just, Famous, if you’re colloquially inclined, are not the celebrity design divas you may have been led to believe. Oh no. In fact, they’re a spritely bunch of humble creatives with a passion for the craft and a nose for collaboration. With it’s founders having experience spanning both hemispheres, primarily New Zealand and the UK, Famous was born in 2003 not quite slap bang in between, but in Melbourne. Fast forward ten-ish years and […]

Tardis {Wellington}

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Tardis are all about human connections, unfortunately not through a time bending telephone box with a flying doctor but still equally intriguing. While we are bombarded on a daily and constant basis with brand communication and messaging, Tardis attempt to cut through the clutter by helping brands make an emotional connection to their consumers. They tap into the deepest of human needs, and lets face it ‘Hot Sauce’ is one of those human needs, creating visually arresting […]