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Minty-fresh oral care

Awesome agencies

With a shared vision to transform dental care, Kati Forner’s design perfectly captures the boldness and innovation of Wally’s mission. The strategic positioning as “A Better Way to a Brighter Smile” and the irreverent tagline “Be a Smart Mouth” convey a refreshing and playful approach. Visually, Kati Forner’s design is captivating, with a bright and vibrant visual identity. The logomark’s clever incorporation of a smile and the fresh colour palette, inspired by oral care tools, […]

Made in America

Awesome agencies

Made Index is a visual directory featuring a growing selection of American-made goods. Users can search, sort, or browse through 300+ sites and submit their favourite brands to help grow the list. Brooklyn-based design studio Cold Cuts are behind the concept and design of this venture.

Lindy hopping, horse riding fun

Awesome agencies

Hank’s, a neighbourhood restaurant and bar in Austin, Texas, has been lovingly brought to life by the vision of Go Forth. Inspired by Hank’s namesake, the owner’s grandpa, who was a competitive lindy hop dancer who loved riding his horse Queen B. Rebecca Clarke‘s simple, yet super cute line illustrations break through the soft colour palette by injecting fun and life across key brand touchpoints. Her beautiful and touching portrait of Hank adds a sense […]

Tea that saves lives

Awesome agencies

Gen Z has a lot to be pessimistic about – climate change, unemployment and massive debt. Faced with such insurmountable problems, it’s easy to see no cause for optimism. But while most charities spend too much time dwelling on the negative UnLtd, a not-for-profit helping youth living at risk in Australia saw an opportunity to bring optimising with positive change. With this focus of making a “product with purpose”, UnLtd worked with Sydney and Melbourne-based design […]

Luxury in flight

Awesome agencies

The Private Jet Centre is the only airport where executives, celebrities and high net worth individuals can land or fly from the very heart of London from their own private lounge and aircraft. Exclusivity, efficiency and convenience are essential for the audience. Arrivals take 90 seconds. Departures take 90 seconds. As part of London City Airport’s £500 million development programme and building on the recent rebrand of London City Airport, the Allotment have created a […]

Always in season

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The Snowy Valleys is a land beyond time, where life moves to a slower, more considered pace. For The People have built a brand for this new region around this idea of seasonality and time, where craft and detail can only be acheived with ample time.

Third wave pioneers

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It’s no secret that the coffee sector is well served with thoughtfully designed brands. Amsterdam based LOT61 Coffee Roasters pioneered the third wave of coffee back in the day, but with competition nipping their heels they were in danger of blending into the crowd. Smörgåsbord were invited to reinvigorate the brand with longevity and a baked-in ‘sense of place’. Positioning LOT61 at the intersection of Minimal/Hipster and Traditional/Established, Smörgåsbord looked towards the Amsterdam School of […]