Container branding goes global {Nicknack}


Our friends over at Adelaide based Nicknack have been rather quiet of late, and we recently found out why, they’ve been busy scooping up international gongs that’s why! To be more specific, Nicknack‘s work for transport and logistics company SFC did the scooping over at the 2013 Rebrand 100 awards. In their own words, Nicknack describe the challenge…

“Although SCF Group had grown into a leading organisation within the Australian Transport & Logistics sector, customers perceived its business units as being completely separate entities. The challenge was to create a more cohesive corporate identity that would unite all units, allowing the group greater visibility, while also increasing opportunities for cross sell within the units. Insights from stakeholder research enabled the client to rethink their organisational structure, so that the business units functioned as sibling divisions of the same parent organisation. This shift laid the foundation for the brand and communication strategy”.

And all this with an approachable tone of voice that communicates the core of the business in an engaging way, who knew containers could be this interesting eh!      @Nicknack_