Third wave pioneers

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It’s no secret that the coffee sector is well served with thoughtfully designed brands. Amsterdam based LOT61 Coffee Roasters pioneered the third wave of coffee back in the day, but with competition nipping their heels they were in danger of blending into the crowd.

Smörgåsbord were invited to reinvigorate the brand with longevity and a baked-in ‘sense of place’. Positioning LOT61 at the intersection of Minimal/Hipster and Traditional/Established, Smörgåsbord looked towards the Amsterdam School of Architecture for inspiration.

The new logotype is informed by a style of architecture that arose in the city between 1910 and 1930. Whilst dialled up with some contemporary touches it retains its ‘sense of place’. The hand drawn characters’ ‘thicks’ and ‘thins’ are all 2:1.

And if success is measured by a product being bought as much for the packaging as what’s inside it, then the rebrand is already a success.