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Mason McFee {Austin, Tx}


Perhaps best described as a graphic artist, Mason McFee‘s work is all sorts of things to all sorts of people; I think you either love it straight away or become seduced by it’s charm over time and understanding. I personally love the bizarre but endearing darkness to his work; his style and the media he works with is mixed, but always equally absorbing. Best put in Mason’s own words; “While I struggle between being a […]

Fuzzco {Charleston, SC}

Awesome agencies

Our enthusiasm for the work of South Carolina’s Fuzzco knows no bounds. Fun loving guys with an awesome studio space… not bad bit of work too! Their unique style is quite literally an eye feast. A distinct illustrative style that gives their work that Fuzzco feel whilst still maintaining a perfect balance within each project finding it’s own resolution. New age Americana and a lot of fun. Tw. @fuzzco  

Carlos Nunez {Los Angeles, CA}


Entrancing images of subject caught ‘just so’ filter through the striking body of work by California photographer Carlos Nunez. His subjects are elequently transfixed on the moment in time and the lighting and colours throughout the work is just simply on another planet. Beautiful, stunning, epic. Add any adjective you want, then get lost in his work.  

Jake Stangel {San Francisco, CA}


Jake Stangle is a West Coast photographer with a passion for Karaoke. As both a commercial and documentary photographer Jake’s body of work seems to capture the essence of the subject with a hint of humor. Worth checking out his series of environment images.  

Alphabet Arm {Boston}

Awesome agencies

I’ve long admired Boston’s Alphabet Arm Design. Their work is a sort of new age Americana, oozing with soul and a sense of wry enjoyment that you simply don’t find in most other places. Noted for their logo design and work in the music industry, flicking through their site is fantastic visual epxerience. Tw. @alphabetarm