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Sara Kiesling {Minneapolis, Mn}


Absolutely love the work of Minneapolis photographer Sara Kiesling. Her bio states she began her work in the music industry in 2004 as a graphic/web designer, and started with photography in 2007. Sara has been doing photography professionally since July of 2008. In addition to music, her current primary focus is fashion photography, but she also specialises in headshots and senior portraits. There’s almost a magic to her absorbing images, the capture of her subject’s […]

Brian Ferry {London}


I simply adore the pure simplicity of everyday life Brian Ferry manages to capture in all of his photographs. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY now a film photographer currently residing in London his blog contributions keeps drawing me back time and time again.

Michael Thomas Jones {UK}


Coming highly recommended by some of the agencies featured on our site, Michael Thomas Jones lets his photographs do the talking (well there’s not a lot else on his site). However, what really gets me is the personal annotations and captions he place with, on, all over the images that appear on his blog.

Katie Quinn Davies {Sydney}


Katie Quinn Davies is a talented photography based in Sydney, Australia via Dublin, Ireland. After retraining as a commercial photographer you can see the designer at heart with the compositions and angles she creates. Katie not only has a full body of work to complete a comprehensive portfolio, she also pursues her passion for food in her spare time on the award winning blog What Katie Ate.

Carlos Nunez {Los Angeles, CA}


Entrancing images of subject caught ‘just so’ filter through the striking body of work by California photographer Carlos Nunez. His subjects are elequently transfixed on the moment in time and the lighting and colours throughout the work is just simply on another planet. Beautiful, stunning, epic. Add any adjective you want, then get lost in his work.  

Murray Ballard {Brighton}

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Murray Ballard has released unprecedented images of the world of cryonics, which involves freezing a dead person’s body in liquid nitrogen until, proponents argue, technology has advanced enough to bring them back to life. His collection was compiled over a period of five years and magnificantly, and ofter hauntingly captures the people and stories behind the process. The process can cost anywhere between $15,000 and $100,000 if you’d like it done yourself…  

Jake Stangel {San Francisco, CA}


Jake Stangle is a West Coast photographer with a passion for Karaoke. As both a commercial and documentary photographer Jake’s body of work seems to capture the essence of the subject with a hint of humor. Worth checking out his series of environment images.