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5 minute 12,000 mile American roadtrip


Brian DeFrees set about an epic 12,225 mile roadtrip around the U S of A, capturing each day in photos on Picframe and Instagram. But that’s not all, using a camer mounted in his car, he took shots every 5 seconds to create these great timelapsed videos.

Sara Kiesling {Minneapolis, Mn}


Absolutely love the work of Minneapolis photographer Sara Kiesling. Her bio states she began her work in the music industry in 2004 as a graphic/web designer, and started with photography in 2007. Sara has been doing photography professionally since July of 2008. In addition to music, her current primary focus is fashion photography, but she also specialises in headshots and senior portraits. There’s almost a magic to her absorbing images, the capture of her subject’s […]

10,000 lakes / 10,000 logos


Nicole Meyer awoke from her slumber and gazed upon an overcast Tuesday in Minneapolis with an epiphany* – lake logos have a tendency to be, well, fairly ugly, let’s brand the crap out of them! Yes a true lightbulb moment if ever there was one. Anyhoo, she set about an epic life adventure to rethink what they could be. One Minnesota Lake. One Logo. Every day… Genius, spectacular and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable. Says Meyer, “Should only […]

Berger & Föhr {Boulder, Co}

Awesome agencies

Boulder, Colorado. Home of two man design practice Berger & Föhr. By their own libretto; “Berger & Föhr practice cohesive visual communication characterised by modernism, minimalism, objectivity and the desire to create lasting, sustainable work.” Nicely crafted manefesto for sure. Their work is clinical, über stylish and, considered down to the last detail. For me, something about it feels more European in finish than we’re used to seeing from our American counterparts. Regardless, I’m a […]

NR2154 {Copenhagen / New York}

Awesome agencies

Split either side of the Atlantic, NR2154 have a solid background in publishing but by no means leaves them short in the world of design. With beautifully manipulated typefaces, deeply thought out solutions and most delicate of sophisticated touches, NR2154 seem to have a knack of a creating cool, crisp work which stands out by its elegance.

Andy Taray {Akron, Oh}

Outstanding individuals

Continuing our entirely incidental theme of inspiring creatives-that-were-inspired-by-eighties-cartoon-heroes {see Jimmy Turrell and his fondness of Thundercats}, He-Man lovin’ design chap Andy Taray, aka Ohio Boy, held his Apple mighty mouse aloft and declared “he had the power.” And by the power of greyskull he was right. He had the power to produce a body of work just sweet enough to make even Skeletor blush. Enough tenuous introductories, behold… Tw. @ohioboydesign  

Division of Labor {San Francisco}

Awesome agencies

Division of Labor have it. They seems to have the knack of turning around the fortunes of their clients, oh and a pretty impressive ability to put together a story that captures peoples imaginations. With working across all mediums, not just film, their secrete might well be their philosophy ‘collaborate with the best people we can. Either that or their other phrase ‘Illegitimi Non Carborundum,’ which forms part of their logo and means, Don’t let […]

National Forest {Glendale, CA}

Awesome agencies

This creative consultancy has quite the impressive list of clients and work to boot. The fun loving guys at National Forest have helped create some iconic cultural brands and don’t look like they are stopping anytime soon… never has the phrase work hard, play hard rang truer if their blog is anything to go by.