Conversion Conversation


London studio The Allotment have launched a transformational brand for Currencies Direct, a £1.1bn business dealing for the past 17 years in the world of foreign exchange and international payments for both individuals moving overseas and for businesses buying and selling abroad.

The Allotment articulated a new vision, mission and a set of values which succinctly captured the unique personality of the business. Direct, human, simple, and driven became the mandate for the new brand.

This led to the solution of the ‘Chatty’ icon for the identity and a tone of voice which is human and straightforward. No fluff, no jargon — just great service and value, delivered in a personal way. To support engagement internally they developed a ‘brand in the hand’ note book. This used storytelling to demonstrate what each of the values meant.

The ‘Chatty’ brand was developed across all touchpoints including market sector brochures and sales literature, the website design, signage for affiliates, office interiors, advertising and for animations that very simply explained the value of the brand to their customers.

Read more about the project here.

CD_Logo CD_Web-PFX CD_Web-CFX CD_CFX-Brochure-Cover-1 CD_CFX-Brochure-Cover_Spread-2 CD_CFX-Brochure-Cover_Spread-1 CD_BITH_Spread-2 CD_BITH_Spread-1 CD_BITH_-Cover CD_Ad-shell

Currencies Direct – PFX from The Allotment on Vimeo.