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Unwrap a delightful project


The London Community Foundation (LCF) were last years lucky winner of The Allotment’s ‘Unwrap a Designer’ competition. The competition is for charities in need of design expertise and the winner receives strategic and design guidance donated by The Allotment.

Conversion Conversation


London studio The Allotment have launched a transformational brand for Currencies Direct, a £1.1bn business dealing for the past 17 years in the world of foreign exchange and international payments for both individuals moving overseas and for businesses buying and selling abroad. The Allotment articulated a new vision, mission and a set of values which succinctly captured the unique personality of the business. Direct, human, simple, and driven became the mandate for the new brand. This led […]

The Allotment – care, devotion and The Donkey Sanctuary


The guys at The Allotment have treated us to a second helping of work in a matter of weeks, this time hitting the spot with a lovely and inventive rebrand for UK-based international Charity The Donkey Sanctuary. The project began nearly 12 months ago and has culminated in a new identity and proposition based on the Charity’s core purpose, which is: ‘Care and devotion’ to mules and donkeys worldwide. The Charity touches more than 400,000 working […]

The Allotment at Home


The Allotment have unveiled a new brand for diverse UK home insurance business HomeProtect. The genesis of the concept was born out of initial workshops where the notion of ‘variety’ came to the forefront – acknowledging that in order for the business to grow within a saturated, visually flavourless and highly competitive world of insurance comparison sites, the business needed to stand out and position itself as inclusive providers – regardless of personal circumstance. This was a […]

The Allotment – Partnerships Built to Last


The Allotment have completed work on the Mansell Construction (a part of Balfour Beatty plc) 2011 Annual Report. Entitled Partnerships Built to Last, the striking publication is chock-a-block full of entertaining and off-beat illustration, created in-house by the Allotment guys themselves. To fill you in, if you’re not too familiar with Mansell, they turn over in excess of £800m, operating out of over 20 offices around the UK, and have a workforce of around 2,000. Their focus […]

Profiles – Michael Smith {The Allotment}


There are few agencies whose work we admire more than that of The Allotment, so when Creative Partner Michael Smith agreed to speak with us we were naturally thrilled, and immensely keen to hear what he had to say… Born in south Wales, Mike kick started his career with a student award from the International Society of Typographic Designers before heading to London. A career which to date has spanned over fifteen years and glittered […]

Beans 2.0 grown at The Allotment


The Allotment have teamed up with writer Scott Perry (Bard of Bray) and illustrator Geoffrey Appleton to produce a contemporary spin on the old favourite fable Jack and the Beanstalk entitled Jack and the Giant Recession. This beautiful self promotional piece is stunningly produced – smart and thoughtful; witilly ruminating on the economic outlook whilst peddling their own considered brand of wares. The story starts with Jack, now grown up but without the benefit of his […]

The Allotment pen Valerie Hoskins brand


Favourites of the Journal, The Allotment, have just completed a delightful rebrand of screen writers agent Valerie Hoskins Associates. Says the Allotment; “We created a proposition based around putting ‘Words into action’. The idea reflects their very personal, hands-on and all action approach to brokering transactions of script’s and books into movies and films. The ‘clapper-book’ logotype becomes a visual cue for a series of ‘snippets’ of dialogue taken from a wide range of their […]