ManvsMachine explores infinite possibilities


Going beyond just some campaign visuals for the latest product range, ManvsMachine have delved deep to developed a progressive brand collaboration which is pushing the performance and innovation of the brand itself.

I don’t often use these words, but truly stunning exploration work by the outstanding team at ManvsMachine. The devil is in the detail and you can see this throughout the project. One of the heroes of this work is the customisation of the Objektiv Thin, a Dalton Maag typeface, to reflect the human and organic sensibility of the Flyknit ethos.

Nike Global commissioned ManvsMachine to create a cinematic piece that would communicate the ‘Infinite Possibilities’ of Flyknit for the 2016 Innovation Summit.

Fllyknit is a very clever piece of technology, the idea was to explore four different ‘pillars of innovation’. The journey starts with a tease of the identity, the ‘infinite possibilities’ of Flyknit. A single thread then begins to build, and take on the different attributes of Flyknit throughout the film; strength, lightweight, protective and precise.

nike_flyknit_009 nike_flyknit_014 nike_flyknit_branding_004 nike_flyknit_branding_005 detailsnike_flyknit_lockup_grid002