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Build brings strength and power to Nike


It seems so simple and obvious, but these are the hardest things to get right let alone successfully combine to form the bases of a branding system. Yet this is exactly what the team at Build have done with their latest work for Nike. Build were commissioned to work with the Nike brand team on the new look and feel for Track and Field, 2016. Seemingly inspired by the lane markings of the running track, Build have established […]

ManvsMachine explores infinite possibilities


Going beyond just some campaign visuals for the latest product range, ManvsMachine have delved deep to developed a progressive brand collaboration which is pushing the performance and innovation of the brand itself. I don’t often use these words, but truly stunning exploration work by the outstanding team at ManvsMachine. The devil is in the detail and you can see this throughout the project. One of the heroes of this work is the customisation of the […]

Profiles – Scott Thomas {Simple.Honest.Work}


With a background in architecture, a bit of magic from ‘Click Through’ the pink unicorn along the way, and a focus for getting back to the hand and keeping things simple, Scott Thomas is a man architecting change. As the Design Director for Obama’s 2008 campaign, Scott, ‘Simple Scott,’ has a philosophy of simplification which has been illustrated in more recent years with the Noun Project. We’re pleased as punch Scott managed to spare a […]