Kombuchaz! set free

Illustrators / Outstanding individuals / Packaging

Kombucha is the ‘new’ healthy drink on the block and with the healthy label comes a sea of sameness. Lettering artist and illustrator Ana Moreno has thrown out the sameness and had some serious fun with her branding for Kombuchaz!

Seeking to show itself as a fun brand, unlike its competition, the team at Kombuchaz! gave Ana the freedom to let her imagination run wild and create a super-expressive brand that aims to capture the moment.

Each of the three different flavours of kombucha centres around its own moment of sharing, from relaxing at the beach to playing sports or hanging out a party.

The labels themselves are designed to capture consumers attention however, the illustrative expressions used translate really well across social with Ana adapting them to become sharable graphics for your Insta Story.

You can truly see how much fun has been injected into this project and as Ana admits, “the best projects are in which you have the freedom to create whatever comes to mind and in pencil”.