Luxury in flight

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The Private Jet Centre is the only airport where executives, celebrities and high net worth individuals can land or fly from the very heart of London from their own private lounge and aircraft. Exclusivity, efficiency and convenience are essential for the audience. Arrivals take 90 seconds. Departures take 90 seconds.

As part of London City Airport’s £500 million development programme and building on the recent rebrand of London City Airport, the Allotment have created a passenger-centric brand that simply oozes prestige for the airport’s Private Jet Centre.

Building on the Allotment’s master brand idea ‘at the heart of London’, the Private Jet Centre’s visual identity looks to position itself as ‘the heart of luxury flight and convenience’.

A copper accent has been added to the clever typographic layout of the ‘London’ logotype, which together with the very clever and sophisticated imagery creates a stylishly luxurious feeling.