Christopher Doyle & Co play with therapy

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Therapy used to be thought of some what of a dirty word, talked about in whispers and in secret. Gone are the days and in with a bold typographical dance that aims to reflect the various emotional ‘mind’ states.

The use of humor and happy faces within logos seems to be a bit of a slow trend starting to spread, but that said, the simple use and playfulness of the single letter forms is a strong visual landscape for the brand which finds just the right balance of both professionalism and empathy.

Mind Work is a collaborative therapy practice in New York, run by Carolyn Ehrlich. Christopher Doyle & Co were engaged to rebrand the practice as well as design and build a new website that positioned Mind Work as a professional yet accessible therapy service.

To help potential patients and users navigate their way through the practice’s offer, and Carolyn’s areas of expertise, they developed a set of playful, customised word marks based around a core set of emotional ‘mind’ states. This visual language was also incorporated into a logo mark and print collateral. The results are a clever, welcoming and refreshing take on what is traditionally a serious and clinical experience for patients.

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