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Rhythm and frequency

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Living identities start as a grand vision, but all to often stops at a simple animation. Australian Design Radio’s new mark goes beyond that first stage and truely breaths as a digital living mark. Australian Design Radio (ADR) is a podcast based in Sydney, Australia that aims to provide the global creative community with conversations and commentary on Australian Design. Eighteen months and over thirty episodes after launching, the team decided a complete overhaul of the brand was in […]

Christopher Doyle & Co play with therapy

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Therapy used to be thought of some what of a dirty word, talked about in whispers and in secret. Gone are the days and in with a bold typographical dance that aims to reflect the various emotional ‘mind’ states. The use of humor and happy faces within logos seems to be a bit of a slow trend starting to spread, but that said, the simple use and playfulness of the single letter forms is a […]