Month: October 2011

Line up for Offset 2012 Announced


Running from 9–11 March 2012, Dublin’s creative festival OFFSET 2012 encompasses talks, gallery shows, presentations, workshops, debates, parties, interviews and Q&A’s with some of the leading creatives of the world. Did I mention parties? If all that isn’t enough to tickle your taste buds, you wait ’till you get your chops around the speakers lined up for the week. In no particular order of awesomeness; Michael Bierut, Paula Scher (both of Pentagram notorioty), Stefan Sagmeister, […]

Liam Brazier {Essex}


Making the complex beautiful. It’s more or less as simple as that. Child of the eighties Liam Brazier‘s idiosyncratic style of geometric masterpieces encapsulate the accent of his generation; ie Star Wars, Marvel and cool shit. Surprisingly, when Brazier first started dabbling in the geometry ten years ago it developed out of method; obsessively scalping out tiny triangles of different colored paper and spray-mounting them onto board – a painfully lengthy process, no doubt. These […]

A Friend of Mine {Melbourne}

Awesome agencies

With so much great design work in their portfolio, I found myself having to restrain from filling this page right up. A Friend of Mine have an envious selection of work on their site, however it’s their great use of typefaces and customizing letter forms that make them really stand out. Lead by the talented Suzy Tuxen, AFOM are not afraid of getting their hands dirty and actually crafting things, making beautiful work out of […]

The Allotment pen Valerie Hoskins brand


Favourites of the Journal, The Allotment, have just completed a delightful rebrand of screen writers agent Valerie Hoskins Associates. Says the Allotment; “We created a proposition based around putting ‘Words into action’. The idea reflects their very personal, hands-on and all action approach to brokering transactions of script’s and books into movies and films. The ‘clapper-book’ logotype becomes a visual cue for a series of ‘snippets’ of dialogue taken from a wide range of their […]

Oneighty {Burnley}

Awesome agencies

From the love of screen printing their own marketing material to the fine quality they deliver for their actual client Oneighty seems to have found the right balance. This Burnley outfit off a very comprehensive portfolio with excellence across every medium they seem to put their hands to. Tw. @Oneighty_studio

Andy Taray {Akron, Oh}

Outstanding individuals

Continuing our entirely incidental theme of inspiring creatives-that-were-inspired-by-eighties-cartoon-heroes {see Jimmy Turrell and his fondness of Thundercats}, He-Man lovin’ design chap Andy Taray, aka Ohio Boy, held his Apple mighty mouse aloft and declared “he had the power.” And by the power of greyskull he was right. He had the power to produce a body of work just sweet enough to make even Skeletor blush. Enough tenuous introductories, behold… Tw. @ohioboydesign  

Jimmy Turrell {London}


It’s difficult to know where to start with this guy, so let’s start at the beginning and see where we go… London illustrative bad boy Jimmy Turrell is a Central St Martins School of Art alumni. Articulated his own words… “he combines a love of handmade collage, drawing, screenprinting and painting alongside digital techniques. He’s presently very inspired by the Locussolus album, Hudson Mohawke, Thundercats, vintage 1930′s sowing manuals, Zdenek Ziegler and good old London […]

Mr. Henry {Antwerp}

Awesome agencies

On discovery of this agency I am strangely hypnotized, transfixed you might say, Mr. Henry on first glace is the playful portfolio of some fresh face all excited and energized, embarking on its first steps into the world of design. Don’t get me wrong, not a nativity at all but more of praise, admiration as Mr. Henry has managed to maintain that love and passion that can get lost amongst those less inspiring jobs, to […]